i write secrets on walls.

imagery and metaphors

phoebe kate
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imagery and metaphors

phoebe kate. seventeen. australia. book nerd. movie geek. classical junkie. i don't use my lj nearly as much as i want to, but i stalk my friends list more than you may think. i'm a smarty pants with a poetic voice, filled in with some random squee and too much school work, so your average teenage girl.

i dabble within the realms of twilight, harry potter and flowers in the attic for the most part, however, i find time to stalk gilmore girls, gossip girl, dead poets society, the history boys and across the universe. for the most part i just make bad graphics and write some stories occassionally.

jacob/bella, rosalie/edward, mike/bella, quil/claire, emmett/football, charlie/billy, kristen/RPattz, ginny/draco, remus/sirius, james/lily, snape/lily, ginny/riddle, ron/hermione, jess/rory, luke/lorelei, kirk/kirk, chuck/blair, blair/serena, serena/dan, nate/jenny, chris/cathy, cathy/julian, max/jude, todd/neil, dakin/posner.

i also love me some sytycd, american idol, shakespeare, musicals and theatre. but really, i just have an appreciation for all things creative

"if you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden."

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